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Assault Lawyer

If you have been charged with an assault charge, such as simple assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, or aggravated assault, contact a criminal defence lawyer. We service clients throughout southwestern Ontario, including Brampton court, Milton court, Burlington court, Oakville, Orangeville court, Newmarket court, Barrie court, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Bradford, Alliston, Halton, Georgetown, Caledon, and St. Catherines.

Being charged with assault can be a very difficult experience, and our criminal defence lawyer can work diligently to ensure that your charges are handled in the most expeditious manner. Our block fee retainers give our clients the assurance that their case will have no hidden fees. We also accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates. Please ensure that your certificate number and client number have been approved by Legal Aid Ontario prior to retaining our office.

We work towards getting you the best result possible. Our criminal lawyers will review your disclosure and fight for your rights in order to assess the strength of the Crown’s case.

When you are charged with an assault, the police or the complainant do not have the ability to then withdraw the charges. This is a misconception, as the assault charge will only be dealt with by the Crown Attorney in court. It is our recommendation that for the best results in your case, it is important to retain a criminal defence lawyer at the beginning of your case.

Most often, you will be charged with an assault charge and given a promise to appear notice by the police. You must attend at your fingerprints date provided on this form, or it may be considered a breach. You must also attend at your first court date. If you hire a criminal defence lawyer prior to your first court date, you may not have to attend at your first court date depending on our assessment.

Contact us today to have a telephone consultation and speak directly with a criminal defence lawyer who will evaluate your case and provide you with a quote.

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