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EVE NEVADA, LLC v DOE #1 ET AL (Copyright Lawsuit)

What is Eve Nevada, LLC v Doe #1 et al?

Another production company copyright infringement mass litigation case which is making its way through the Federal Court of Canada is EVE NEVADA, LLC v DOE #1 ET AL in regard to the movie Ava. The court file number associated with this case is T-439-21.

Were You Named as a DOE?

If you were named as a Doe in the Eve Nevada mass litigation for copyright infringement in the Federal Court of Canada under Court File Number T-439-21, you can contact SLC Law for a consultation with our copyright lawyer. It is important to speak with a knowledgeable copyright lawyer and intellectual property lawyer about the EVE NEVADA, LLC v DOE #1 ET AL lawsuit.

What Type of Lawyer Deals With These Cases?

A copyright lawyer tends to deal with cases involving copyright infringement. Our copyright lawyer has experience advising on copyright infringement matters. SLC Law can help lessen the stress of being named as a DOE defendant in Court. If you need assistance with the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Eve Nevada, LLC, contact SLC Law today.

What Can I Do if I Was Named as a DOE?

It is best to speak with a copyright lawyer to go over all of the options available to you if you were named as a Doe in the Eve Nevada copyright case. Copyright litigation can be quite complex, so it is best to obtain advice from a lawyer familiar with copyright litigation.

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