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Trademark Lawyer Service

Trademark Lawyer Services

Canadian Trademark Lawyer

If you require a trademark lawyer, contact SLC Law today to discuss how we can assist you with your trademark matter. Whether you need assistance with preparing and filing an application for the registration of a trademark, trademark searching, brand protection, brand and trademark strategy, trademark due diligence, trademark infringement, passing-off, or other trademark needs, our trademark lawyer may be able to assist you. Our trademark lawyer is also a licensed trademark agent in Canada.

Trademark Application Canada

In Canada, a trademark registration affords the registered owner of the trademark registration exclusive rights in Canada. A trademark registration provides a trademark owner a monopoly to use the trademark in Canada, which differs from the rights granted to the owner of an unregistered trademark. For more information about unregistered and registered trademarks, see the following articles:

Trademark Search

Contact us today to speak to a trademark lawyer regarding our trademark search services and our other trademark due diligence services. Our trademark lawyer may be able to assist you in understanding what trademarks are being used or proposed to be used. This may be helpful when creating a new brand, determining whether you would like to file a Canadian trademark application, or when you are interested in monitoring other brand owners or competitors.

Trademark Oppositions

Our trademark lawyer and trademark agent can assist you with conducting trademark oppositions. A trademark opposition is a useful tool that can be more cost-efficient and time-efficient when trying to cause the Registrar of trademarks to refuse a trademark application. A trademark opposition in Canada can be an effective tool preventing the registration of a trademark, as well as a simpler process than starting Federal Court proceedings with respect to the impugned trademark after it becomes registered. 

For more information see our article on trademark oppositions in Canada.

Section 45 Practice

Section 45 proceedings are a summary and administrative way for another party to have a registered trademark expunged. This method differs quite significantly from expungement proceedings in the Federal Court, since Section 45 proceedings require very little burden on the party requesting the Section 45 proceeding. As such, this can be a time-efficient way for another party to have a registered trademark expunged.

Contact our trademark lawyer and trademark agent to enquiry about Section 45 proceedings in Canada.

Trademark Enforcement

A necessity in protecting your brand and trademark rights is to enforce those rights against others. One must actively enforce their trademark rights, or risk losing some of those rights. A person or company looking to protect their brand, which forms part of their business assets, should actively watch their brand, such as by watching for advertised trademark applications, obtaining web domains, and being aware of potential competitors using confusingly similar trademarks.

At SLC Law, our trademark lawyer can assist you with trademark searches and trademark watching. Contact us today to speak to a knowledgeable trademark lawyer to assist with trademark watch services.

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Our intellectual property lawyer and trademark lawyer assists individual clients and corporations across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton, Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo.

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