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Copyright Infringement Lawyer Service

Copyright Infringement Lawyer

Our intellectual property lawyer and IP lawyer can assist you with copyright infringements. Copyright law is a complex area of intellectual property ("IP") law. It is important to contact a knowledgeable copyright lawyer lawyer to discuss your matter. Our IP lawyer and copyright lawyer offers legal services across the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Vaughan, Newmarket, North York, and surrounding areas.

Copyright affords a copyright owner, amongst other things, the right to copy. Copyright law encompasses various artistic works, whether it relates to literary works, visual arts, music, performances, etc. If a person copies, recreates, etc. your copyrighted work without a valid defence or consent, then you may be entitled to damages. The very basic test as to whether copyright infringement is occurring is whether a person has taken a substantial part of copyrighted work without consent.

Copyright Infringement can occur in many ways when consent is not provided, including the following:

  • Performing a copyrighted work.
  • Downloading a copyrighted work.
  • Playing music for a commercial event you are hosting.
  • Reproducing a copyrighted artistic work (i.e. a logo) on your website.

Recent changes to Canada's copyright law with the recent notice-to-notice system has caused some confusion to Canadians who may receive a notice letter from their Internet Service Provide ("ISP"). It is very important that you contact a copyright lawyer, if you receive a notice from your ISP.

If you are hosting an event where music is played, or you are performing, it is important to know whether you will infringe someone's copyrighted work, and what you can do to avoid being liable for copyright infringement.

When it comes to copyright infringement that occurs due to the reproduction of a copyrighted work on a website, it is best that you contact a copyright lawyer to discuss your matter, since such a matter can be complex.

Moral Rights

In Canada, a Copyright owner obtains moral rights, which protects a person's reputation or honour. Moral rights can only be waived. Even if a Copyright owner sells their copyrighted work, moral rights still remain with the original owner / author.

Copyright does not protect:

  • Ideas.
  • Facts.
  • Works already in the public domain.
  • Other items to discuss with your copyright lawyer.

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