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Toronto Lawyer Service

Toronto Business Lawyer

Toronto Business Lawyer

Our business lawyer and corporate lawyer provides business law legal services to the Toronto area. SLC Law's corporate lawyer and business lawyer offers services in the areas of business law, as well as intellectual property law, technology law, startup law, and litigation. We offer business law services to individuals and corporations in Toronto. If you are thinking about incorporating your business in Toronto, or would like information about your startup company, or you have an intellectual property matter that requires immediate attention, contact our business lawyer today who serves the Toronto area.

Toronto Businesses

Toronto is a city of growth and innovation. With various start-up incubators located in Toronto, it is no wonder that there are many startup companies located in Toronto. Our business lawyer has worked closely with Toronto startup companies.

Toronto is a densely populated city located in Southern Ontario, it is the provincial capital of Ontario, and forms part of the Greater Toronto Area ("GTA"). Toronto has a population of approximately 2.7 million people. Corporate growth is inevitable, and our business lawyer can help with your company growth.

Toronto Business Lawyer Services

Our business lawyer can assist with the following services:

Commercial lease review and drafting

If you are a tenant who needs assistance with reviewing your commercial lease in Toronto or a landlord who would like to create a commercial lease for your Toronto premises, SLC Law can assist you. For more information, see our commercial leasing page. Commercial leases are important agreements for both landlords and tenants, which can carry significant risk.

Contract review

If you are a Toronto business that requires a contract for your customer, such as a software development agreement or a SaaS agreement, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable business lawyer. There are numerous types of contracts that can be drafted and many contract law considerations.

Corporate governance

An Ontario corporation and a federal Canadian corporation are required to maintain certain corporate records. See our corporate governance page for more details on corporate minute books and corporate governance for your Toronto based business. 

Employee matters

Employees can be key components of a successful business. Employment contracts and employee terminations can be quite challenging to navigate for businesses. See our employment law page for more information.


Starting a company can be a daunting task for many reasons. Given the many considerations involved when starting a company, having your Toronto business properly incorporated and organized is of upmost importance to avoid simple issues that can become greater problems at a later time. See our incorporation page for more information.

Intellectual property matters

Intellectual property can be a complex topic. SLC Law can assist you with your intellectual property law matters. See our intellectual property page to understand the different types of intellectual property in Canada.

Sale of a business and the purchase of a business

Buying or selling a business can involve many professionals. It is important to engage a knowledgeable business lawyer if you are buying a business in Toronto or selling your business in Toronto. SLC Law can assist you if you are involved in an asset purchase agreement or share purchase agreement.

Shareholder disputes

Disputes amongst shareholders are not always easy to deal with and can involve a lot of time and stress. See our shareholder disputes page for more information on shareholder disputes.

Trademark applications

Protecting your brand can be pivotal to your business. A trademark can be an asset that creates brand awareness. SLC Law can assist with your trademark application

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